It’s understandable, some Bride’s have never even been to a Wedding much less planned one before.

It can be confusing, overwhelming… and damn right stressful with all that you have to consider.

So really, making the odd mistake here and there is bound to happen.

But thankfully you don’t need to be like most Brides and make these common mistakes…

15 Mistakes Bride

Mistake 1.

Sharing Your Engagement on Social Media Too Soon…

You’ve just gotten engaged!

A nice, new, shiny ring adorns your left hand and you are excited!

Completely understandable that you want to shout it from the roof tops (OK update your Facebook status).

But before you do…


Share the big news in person or over the phone with your nearest and dearest before updating your status on social media.

Imagine how you would feel to find out your close friend was engaged via her Facebook status?

I said yes

Mistake 2.

Inviting Non-Wedding Guests to Your Pre-Wedding Parties…

Do NOT invite guests to your Engagement Party that you will not be inviting to your Wedding!

The same goes for your Bridal Shower, Hen Party and your Groom’s Stag do!

These pre-wedding celebrations are intended to be a celebration with your nearest and dearest, so every guest must already be on the wedding guest list.


Mistake 3.

Going Wedding Dress Shopping Too Soon…

Still engaged… Ring is still shining and now you want to start planning – or at least go shopping for your perfect dress!

Well before you book your Bridal Salon appointments, make sure you know the type of wedding you’re planning and where.

Think about it, a full bodied princess style gown will not look (and feel) so great at a beach wedding (or even in at a barn style wedding)…


Mistake 4.

Not Matching Your Bouquet to Your Dress…

If you are small and petite and are wearing a fitted dress.

A large, oversized cascading bouquet will swamp you and make you look out of proportion.

To combat this, during your consultation with your florist, bring a photo of your dress so that your florist can see what you will be wearing…

A good florist will be able to advise and perfectly match the shape and size of your bouquet correctly.

Oversized Bouquet

Mistake 5.

Not Considering Your Guests…




Your family and friends pay a considerable amount of money to attend your wedding, so during your planning think about how they will experience your day.

Will there be long periods where they will have to wait without being fed or watered?

Will you provide transportation to and from the ceremony and reception?

For weekend long weddings – stock their rooms with a welcome bag and arrange fun activities for the days before and after your wedding.


Mistake 6.

Not Budgeting for Hidden Costs…

Stamps for your invitations, last-minute seamstress charges, cash tips for deliveries and more…

These additional costs are some that most Brides don’t think about and they quickly begin to add hundreds on to your wedding budget.

To combat these hidden costs ask your Suppliers if there are any hidden costs that you should consider so that you can include them in your wedding budget.

Also allocate a 10% contingency to your wedding budget – that way you don’t need to know what they are, but you will at least have a pot of money set aside for when you need it.


Mistake 7.

Rushing to Pick Your Bridal Party…

Picking the right Bridesmaids for your Bridal Party can really be stressful and sometimes awkward.

But, it’s your day and you are not obligated to choose anyone you don’t want to. You have the final word on who will be in your Bridal Party.

What is most important is to pick people you are most comfortable with standing up next to you.

Whether you want two or even ten carefully narrow down your choices before you approach them.

Remember that being part of the Bridal Party is not cheap so some people may politely turn down your request.

Do not feel offended, respect their decision and think of another way you could include them in your day – maybe they could do a reading at your Ceremony?


Mistake 8.

Forgetting About Your Venue When Planning Your Décor…

It’s easier and cheaper to work with your reception venue than against it.

If the walls and curtains are a bold colour that doesn’t fit in, but clashes with your colour scheme, consider either choosing another venue or changing your colour scheme.

A delicate Pink table colour scheme against a backdrop of LOUD Red walls will clash!

Consider the bold integral features of your venue as a part of your décor rather than trying to hide them.

Mistake 9.

Forgetting to Make Your Fiancé Feel Included…

It’s common and easy to assume that your fiancé is not interested in the wedding planning process. But often, this is untrue.

For example – whilst he may not be too concerned about the minor details such as particular flower choices, he may want to be involved in choosing the overall colour scheme.

Don’t forget!

It is his wedding too, so rather than assume what he wants to be involved in have a conversation about to what degree he wants to be involved.


Mistake 10.

Not Hiring a Videographer…

Photographer – check!

Entertainment – check!

Videographer – “Do we really need one?”

To save on the budget Brides are forgoing the hire of a Videographer thinking that a Photographer alone will capture enough of their day.

Whilst photos are great, there is nothing like having an actual recording of your big day.

A Photographer can’t possibly capture your Best Man’s embarrassing speech, your first dance or other funny moments that you weren’t able to see for yourself…


Mistake 11.

Not Leaving Enough Time for Hair and Makeup…

On the morning of your wedding, the last thing you want is to be stressed out because you are supposed to be at the church in an hour and you haven’t even got your hair done yet!

Before the day, work out a day-of plan with your hair and makeup team.

And don’t forget to work out a day-of plan for your Mother and Bridesmaids too. After all they will be walking down the aisle before you…

This time should be as relaxing and as fun as possible.

Bride Relaxed

Mistake 12.

Not Eating…

You wake up at the crack of dawn through sheer excitement…

You are drinking Champagne with your Bridal Party and can’t bare to eat because your stomach is doing back flips!

You have to eat!

Too many brides forget to feed themselves and their Bridal Party on the wedding day…

Pre-arrange breakfast and nibbles for your entire crew!

You’ll need enough sustenance so you’re not feeling light-headed or faint during the ceremony.


Mistake 13.

Not Making Time to Greet Everyone…

Most couples forgo the formal post-ceremony receiving line.

If you do, make it a point to circulate among the reception tables after dinner and say hello (maybe take a picture or two) to all your guests.

If you’re having a large wedding, schedule the table greetings into the day-of timeline – this might be a nice time to hand-deliver your wedding favours.

But be sure to keep it moving and don’t spend too long on one table!


Mistake 14.

Having a Cash Bar…

OK! So it is no secret that your bar bill can add to become one of the reception’s biggest expenses, so it’s completely understandable that not everyone can afford hours of an open-bar.


Rather than opting for a cash bar where your guests have to dip into their pockets for their drinks – why not consider serving a couple of signature cocktails with limited wine and beer choices.

Alternatively you could ask your venue if they have a corkage option.

This allows you to bring in your own alcohol and the venue charge you a corkage fee per bottle. But this way at least you get to keep any unopened bottles or return them from wherever you bought them.


Mistake 15.

Sending Thank You Cards Late…

Nothing shows your gratitude and appreciation like a handwritten Thank You Card!

So here are some timelines:

For gifts received during the engagement party and shower, send a thank you within two to three weeks of the festivities

For gifts sent before the wedding date, send a card as soon as possible but definitely before the wedding

For gifts given on the wedding day itself, mail a thank-you note within three months

For gifts received after your wedding, send within two to three weeks.


So there you have it, the 15 most common mistakes a Bride makes… Now you know, so hopefully you won’t be making any of them!

Love, Leonie xx

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