Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!




It’s that most “wonderful” time of the year round again, (is it just me?? and Christmas just seems to leap out of the month of November) and I don’t know about you, but for me, prepping for Christmas is a mad enough last minute rush as it is (and I’m not planning a Wedding) so planning a wedding on top of it all – I take my hat off to you!

So I thought I’d give my 3 tips to ensure your Wedding is not ruined **gasps** by Christmas!



Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts, but whilst its nice to be able to shower your loved ones at Christmas – stop and consider your Wedding budget! Christmas comes round at the same time every year (mental and voice note to myself) but saving for your wedding doesn’t, so i’m sure your family and friends will understand if this year you either 1. you made them something special, 2. you do a secret santa and you all just buy one good gift for your designated family member (with a pre-set budget) 3. you just get them all a token gift 4. you promise them an amazing gift in lieu next year lol!!

[SIDE NOTE] According to men plan to spend more on their gifts than women.

With that in mind speak to Mr. Fiance about Christmas spending this year.

…Maybe you could set a budget for your gifts for each other this year…?? Or maybe you consider not buying each other a gift this year…??


Male, Female we’re all guilty of it! I know most years I put on 4lbs over Christmas, (and I for one canNOT afford to be putting on any lbs) but if you don’t lose weight easily and especially if you’re getting married earlier on in the year, then just be mindful about how you want to look in your dress (and that you don’t want the added stress of having to lose those Christmas lbs) in the new year!


1 drink, 2 drink, 3 drink 4! Did you know that January is one of the highest months of the year for divorce rates??

Now clearly that’s doesn’t pertain to your situation, but it’s the reason behind that spike that supports my point!

And my point is…

do not let the merriment of Christmas to get so drunk allowing family arguments to erupt and therefor disrupt the planning your wedding with either your fiance, family members and in-laws to be…

So in short, if you want to stay on track with planning your wedding during the Christmas season don’t Overspend, don’t Overeat and don’t Overindulge!

What do you think, agree? disagree? gonna try any of the tips?

Love, Leonie xx

p.s. If you’re sending out Christmas cards now is a good time to start collecting and updating all your guests postal addresses ready for sending out their Wedding Invitations… (click here to see the gorgeous Wedding Invitations I design)

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