How To Choose The Right Wedding Invitation

With so many different colours, styles and choices, choosing the perfect Wedding Invitation can become somewhat of a challenge.

And as Invitations set the tone for your day you’ll want to get it right!

So here are a few tips to help you to decide…

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As the Invitation is your guests’ first peek of your day you need to have an idea of the style of Wedding you’re having.

Typical words my Clients use to describe their day are – classic, elegant, glam, modern, vintage, formal, black tie etc – this way you can choose an Invitation that perfectly reflects your style.

You may feel pressurised to come up with a unique theme or scheme that really stands out, but sometimes a theme goes out the window once Invitation samples are seen.

So I suggest you choose a colour scheme rather than a theme, which can then be carried through to the rest of your Wedding Stationery, from your Ceremony Programs, Table Seating Plans, Menus to your Thank You Cards.



The traditional size of a Wedding Invite is 4.5” x 6.25” but who says you have to be traditional?

These days Wedding Invitations come in all sorts of modern and playful shapes and sizes, which is great as this allows you to add individuality to your Invites just by choosing a different shape.



When considering the actual design of your Wedding Invitation, don’t forget to make sure that the text is legible. Avoid light inks on White or light backgrounds, and similarly dark inks on dark backgrounds.

Pastel colours are quite difficult to read so if you are going with those then make sure the background contrasts enough for the wording to stand out.

Be wary of choosing hard to read fonts, whilst scripted fonts are gorgeous, they can be difficult to read when used for all the wording.

Too small a font can also make reading your Invitation difficult especially for older Guests.

Leonie Gordon London


There are so many different styles of Invitations available which can make choosing the perfect Wedding Invitation difficult, but remember the perfect style of Invitation for you is one that reflects you and your day!

“The Perfect Wedding Begins With The Perfect Invitation…”

Love, Leonie xx


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