How To Work Out Your Wedding Invitation Budget

Whether you’re going for Ready to Order Wedding Invitations or you are opting for Bespoke Wedding Invitations you need to know how much you have to spend before you begin your search!


Now your Wedding Invitation budget is typically said to be approx 3% of your overall Wedding budget.

This will obviously vary depending on the level of importance you place on your Wedding Invitations.

But either way, when working out your Wedding Invitation budget you will need to consider two key factors!

1. How many Invitation Suites you need (consider Day Guests and Evening Reception only Guests)


2. What elements you require in your Invitation Suite

However, it doesn’t stop there! Set aside a 10% contingency (from your Budget figure) to include the other additional ‘hidden’ costs. Such as…

  • Cost of Samples/Consultations (always, always, always order a Sample from your chosen Wedding Invitation Designer if they don’t offer Consultations)
  • Cost of Delivery (find out whether this is included in the price or not)
  • Cost of Postage Stamps

As you can imagine, these costs can all begin to add up!!

And finally…

Whilst it might seem somewhat tedious and a bit of a kill-joy having to think about all these budgets. Ultimately it is worthwhile, as knowing what your budget is will save you:

  • Time from researching Wedding Invitation Designers that you cant afford…
  • Disappointment from seeing Wedding Invitations that are not within your budget…
  • Overspending on Wedding Invitations that were outside of your budget!

“The Perfect Wedding Begins With The Perfect Invitation…”

Love, Leonie xx


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