I have Learnt!

Sooooooo yesterday was my most favouritist day of the year **my birthday** and I had such a fabulous day {that the come down was almost as bad as when I got married} celebrating with family and friends that when I awoke this morning I was in a somewhat reflective mood – read below for the journey of my mind as I recall some of the things I have learnt in the few years I have been blessed to be alive… (in no particular order)

I Have Learnt ~ by Leonie E Gordon {32years & 1day}

I have learnt that life truly is what you make it!

I have learnt that the lesson truly is in the experience and that experience truly comes from learning the lesson

I have learnt that becoming an overnight success truly doesn’t exist – for it takes patience and endurance and discipline and vision

I have learnt that above all else only relationships truly matter

I have learnt that maybe those last 10lbs are there to remind me to be healthy and to teach me to love my body no matter what

I have learnt that I have yet to learn exactly what love is

I have learnt that truly “loving” someone is a daily decision

I have learnt to accept the things I cannot change and to rely on God to do the rest

I have learnt that there is no such thing as perfect

I have learnt that true beauty is far from being only skin deep

I have learnt that happiness is not a cigar called Hamlet and that it is too a daily decision

I have learnt that the only thing that is worth expecting is the unexpected

I have learnt that hope is hollow

I have learnt that men truly are from mars and women from venus

I have learnt that reaping truly starts with sowing

I have learnt that being different is a gift not a curse

I have learnt that the key to a successful business is consistency, personality, delivering your promise, perseverance, vision and patience

I have learnt that achieving starts with believing and believing starts with seeing

I have learnt that I have so much more to learn…



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